Welcome at Future Minded, a new blog for all amazing sciencey humans who care about the future. What will you be able to read about here in the coming months and years, when we finally manage to get to it?

A monthly news article series reporting on the latest breakthroughs & innovations in tech & science. We will pick the most interesting advancements in fields like self-driving cars, reusable rockets and such.

Progress reports in futuristic technologies – AI, artificial meat, brain-computer interfaces, cryonics, powder food, virtual reality… Have you been wondering how far we have advanced in those fields that some people thought only belonged to sci-fi books? Maybe you will be suprised to find out that while you were not looking, scientists from around the world have already managed to push the frontiers of science quite far. For instance, powder food like Soylent is already reality.

Effective altruism – A philosophy and a social movement which uses reason and science to determine what are the most effective ways to benefit others. For instance, effective altruists calculate the number of lives saved per dollar given to a specific charity and donate a part of their incomes to those charities with the best score – you can find the updated list at GiveWell.org. They can also seek employment in companies or institutions caring about the long-term future of the human race, in fields such as such cybersecurity, AI, nuclear warfare, neuroscience, or renewable energy. The movement has been growing fast in 2010s in big cities around the world, especially Europe and the US.

Rationality – Psychologists and cognitive scientists have been studying human decision-making and coming up with various exercises and guidelines enabling people to think clearer. The goal is to get rid of so-called biases, errors in our thinking, to make better decisions. The community of rationalists has some overlap with the community of effective altruists.

Visuals, infographics – how do artificial neural networks work? How does transfection of neurons with a rabbies virus to make them excitable by light work? Our team of artists will (try to) blow your mind.

Cool futuristic gadgets – Roomba, Alexa, smart watches, smart drones, 3D printers, and more. Don’t miss out on the latest deals on Amazon!

Recommended online courses – learn biology, chemistry, physics, AI, psychology, personal productivity, learn how to learn, and more.

Stay tuned.

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