Black & White 21st Century Predictions #1: Robots & Biplanes


Here is a video I found that comes from The Roaring Twenties. Some of the predictions are sadly wrong, while others are surprisingly accurate. Overall, I think the video is very cool and I would like to share it with you now.

EDITING RIGHT NOW: what is marked as slanted text is still not re-written from an earlier post someone wrote for me.

  1. The Great War was the war to end all wars [0:10] That’s what people said in the ’20s. Well, sadly, I guess you know what happened in 1939 and why people had to re-name “The Great War” of 1914-1918 to “The World War I”.
  2. Cars with rollable roofs [] – Correct prediction. That was actually invented quite a long time ago.
  3. Weird capsule rail things – The thing that resembles this the most is probably the Hyperloop, which is currently under development, so we have to wait a bit.
  4. Biplanes flying everywhere [1:16] – Nope, no flying cars (yet). However, we did invent the helicopters and there are already autopiloted drones capable of transporting people. Also, biplanes are not used at all today.
  5. Creepy talking robots, in 1960s [] – Robots … speak or do stuff almost like humans, for example
  6. Corruscant-looking cities [] – Probably not happening anytime soon. Dubai is getting close though.
  7. Mobile phones and radio [] – Definitely correct. Most people can’t even imagine the world without them. And all of them carry the also predicted radio inside.
  8. The fashion stuff []– People try to create innovative fashion designs so hard that the predictions are nothing compared to what we have now. Just search for “weird fashion” on google, you’ll probably have a laugh.
  9. Utopian city design – We are nowhere near that.
  10. Streamlining vehicles – This prediction turned out to be true not so long after they came up with it, we have been using this technology for ships and air vehicles since the 1930’s.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on our blog again when the next article goes out.

By the way, what are your predictions now of the upcoming “Twenty Twenties”? Share yours in the comments.


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